My passion is caring and loving all animals, especially pups.  If you could make a living do anything you ever wanted, what would it be?  My immediate answer is “work with animals.”  Finally, that dream became a reality.

I have been blessed with the unconditional love of my own furry family.  Sabbath is my “first born.”  I surprised my husband with a new addition to the family.  Once my husband met Sabbath it was love at first sight. Sabbath has forever changed our lives.

The next addition to our furry family was Haven.  Haven was an 8-month old German Shepherd puppy. Her human was no longer to care for her.  Miss B Haven was our first pure breed.  Haven was Sabbath’s sister now and they went everywhere together. 

And then we met Dixie.  Dixie’s papa passed away and his son was on his way to take Dixie, a 9-year old Pit Bull/Lab  mix, to the dog pound.  I was not going to let that happen.  Dixie was our next addition to our furry family.

Haven lived to be 11-years old and Dixie was 16-years old when they went to pup heaven.  Sabbath joined Haven and Dixie in pup heaven at the ripe age of 14-years. 

My  furry family continued to grow. Star was 6-weeks old when we met her at the HB Humane Society.  Star is our first “lap” dog, and we adore her.  Star brought out the puppy in Sabbath.  She is the best entertainment while catching Frisbees and swimming at the beach. 

When my furry clients visit for slumber parties and daycare, they become part of my furry family while their human family is away.  I want them to feel as comfortable as possible, which can be viewed in the Photo Gallery and on Instagram at Pup Adventures by Suzanne.

The best job I ever had!


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