Whether you’re going on vacation, taking a business trip or have a long day at work, Pup Adventures by Suzanne is ready to take the leash.  Suzanne does not charge extra for specific services.  Pup taxi, bath, extra treats or need your pup to stay a few more hours than planned, no problem.

SLUMBER PARTY (OVERNIGHT BOARDING)                                  $55

Pups are welcome to sleep wherever they feel comfortable.  Your pup will have the luxury of a home environment with the choice of various pup pillows.  Slumber parties include a full daycare experience.  Rate is based on a 24-hour period.

DAYCARE                                                                                         $45 

Your pup receives one-on-one attention and spends the day in a home environment.  Daycare includes a park adventure, but it doesn't stop there.  Your pup will have a full day of playtime.  Of course, all pups need a little rest.  The patio area allows the pups to relax under an array of trees.  Another popular resting area is the infamous leather couch, which is the designated napping spot.  Check out the Photo Gallery and Instagram.

PUP PLAYTIME                                                                                 $35   

Playtime includes a half day of fun, fun, fun!  Suzanne will pick up your pup for a park adventure where they can run, run, run.  Suzanne's assistant, Star, ensures all furry clients are getting the exercise needed while you're away for the day.


Rates are based on one pup per day.  Each additional pup is $10 per day. 


Pictures and videos of your pup's visit are sent throughout the day.  You are assured that your pup is enjoying their stay, and the pictures will give you a big smile.


Pup Adventures by Suzanne          714.402.0100          pupadventuresbysuzanne@gmail.com