While daycare and kennel boarding facilities work for some pup parents, it can be scary for your pup. Let Pup Adventures by Suzanne take the leash.

Suzanne gives your pup the one-on-one attention they crave in a home environment. When your pup visits Suzanne, they are never ignored or left alone. It's all about your pup with continuous playtime and daily park adventures.

Pictures and videos of your pup's visit are sent throughout the day. You are assured that your pup is enjoying their stay.


Pups are welcome to sleep wherever they feel comfortable. Your pup will have the luxury of a home environment with a choice of various pup pillows. Sleeping in front of the fire is a popular choice. Of course, the leather couch is a favorite too. Boarding is based on a 24-hour period.


Your pup receives one-on-one attention and spends the day in a home environment. Daycare includes a park adventure, but it doesn't stop there. Your pup will have a full day of playtime. Of course, all pups need a little rest. The patio area allows the pups to relax under an array of trees. Another popular resting area is the infamous leather couch, which is the designated napping spot. Check out the Photo Gallery to view the favorite resting spots.


Playtime includes an hour of fun, fun, fun! Suzanne will pick up your pup and take a park adventure where they can run, run, run. Suzanne's assistant, Star, ensures all furry clients are getting the exercise needed while you're away for the day.

Add $10 for each additional pup per day.


My passion is caring and loving all animals, especially pups.

My background includes 25 years of marketing experience in the food and beverage industry. If you could make a living do anything you ever wanted, what would it be? My immediate answer is “work with animals.” Finally, that dream became a reality.

I have been blessed with the unconditional love of my own furry family. Sabbath was our "first born." I surprised my husband with a new addition to our family. Once my husband met Sabbath it was love at first site. Sabbath has forever changed our lives.

The next addition to our furry family was Haven. While at the dog park with Sabbath, a lady came over to introduce herself. She stated that her eight month old German Shepherd puppy had become too much for her, and she was looking for a good home. She asked us to take her, and that’s exactly what we did. Miss B Haven was our first pure breed. Haven was Sabbath’s sister now and they went everywhere together.

And then we met Dixie. Dixie’s papa passed away and his son was on his way to take Dixie, a nine year old Pit Bull/Lab mix, to the dog pound. I was not going to let that happen. Dixie was our next addition to our furry family.

Haven lived to be 11 years old and Dixie was 16 years old when they went to pup heaven. In my heart, I believe all pups have a soul. Sabbath continues to live on at the ripe age of 14.

My furry family continued to grow. I woke up one day and decided to go to the Huntington Beach Humane Society to pass out treats to the pups when I met Star. How could we not look into those cute puppy eyes and leave her behind. Star is our first “lap” pup and we adore her. She is the best entertainment when catching Frisbees and swimming for the ball at the beach. She fits in my beach cruiser basket perfectly. We call her our “road dog.”

When my furry clients visit for daycare or overnight boarding, they become part of my furry family while their human family is away. I want them to feel as comfortable as possible, which you can see in the Gallery of photos.